This is an image from one of two ponds that are part of a garden and residence of a friend of ours that we visited while we were in Hawaii. The pond is filled with water collected from the roof of the house just barely visible in the background. The pond grows fish and a rich layer of aquatic plants harvested and used as mulch in the surrounding gardens (the brown bits in the foreground).  Specific trees were selected to surround the pond because a certain caterpillar grows and occasionally falls off the tree to feed the fish in the pond. Along with a diverse layered set of edible, medicinal and supportive plants chickens, ducks roam about providing eggs and lot of fresh fertilizer. This example starts to describe a few of the composting systems we can develop that might help us complete waste loops that are now left open, with many other possibilities. Not does the land provide amazing fresh sustenance to feed the body but being amidst the rich ecosystem in delicate balance is fantastic food for the soul.