(update 07 13 12  Nansense has been selected to be exhibited in the NANO supermarket which will be launched for the first time at the end of October in Eindhoven, afterwards it will travel to cities and festivals worldwide).

We recently did a project for Next Nature looking at what products might be produced using nano scaled fabrications for their traveling exhibit Nano Supermarket. We imagined two possibilities including a nano watch we called Nansense and synthetic seed called Delta Seed.  

We were joined by our fearless collaborators Ian Campbell, and Eric Baldwin
Product Pitch 

Extrapolating trends in the evolution of social networking, Nansense produces a cloud-to-body interface whereby the remote Perception Engine models relevant data for the enhanced individual perception of time. A rotating bezel on the Nansense dial  speeds up or slows down one’s perception of time passing, stretching or narrowing the attentive frame, and thus the subconscious experience of moment.
Technological Feasibility 
Through subliminal stimulation of the body’s limbic system, Nansense regulates neuronal signalling, while regulating feedback cycles to the Claustrum. Mimicking and amplifying signal pulses in the synaptic cleft, the remote driver fills in gaps in the prefrontal cortex packet stream, smoothing out peaks and valleys while inserting anticipatory data, for a richer personal experience of time. 
Implications on Everyday Life
Augmentation of sensory experience through time slowing can become addictive. The harried individual may choose too often the calming effect of slowed time between office tasks; or speeding up of the reference frame when say approached by the patrol officer having caught you in a speed trap. Despite the many risks, users claim a heightened empathic experience, deepening friendships, and for the frequent user group, effectively linking up individual intelligences into an incipient hive mind state. Nansense cloud-based simulation code runs in the background allowing anticipatory modelling to infer predictive behavioural cues while upgrading social response time and perceived cognitive bandwidth. The rotary dial pares the complexity of choice down to a single bodily variable, the subjective experience of time’s passage