We’ve already had two open forums at the project room and it’s been a great ride.  Great conversations with great people including our regular collaborators, Cameron HallShahana DattaguptaIan Campbell, Eric Baldwin, Gundula Proksch and new ones as well, Fred MetzFlora GoldwaitheKen YocumAmy Lindemuth
We ended up drawing an abstract diagram of what the model might consist of, three pieces an adapter a processor and a sensor and we decided that if we could generate a series of these out of biological material and have them communicate like cells that we approach a way buildings can be a living system integrated with its wider context.
Looking forward to future sessions, including Shannon LoewAna Pinto da SilvaAnnie Han and Daniel MihalyoGreg Howes
The The Project Room is a public venue show up and let us know what you think?